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Journalism Conference ONA12: Design Thinking

September 21, 2012

Yesterday a couple students from the Digital Journalism class were lucky enough to attend the ONA12 Journalism Conference at the Hyatt Regency in downtown San Francisco. I attended the Design Thinking Workshop which focused on how to resolve with real life problems. However, this workshop showed us different ways to take on projects and find affective solutions in creative ways. Here are some of the notes I took from yesterday!

-Fit mission statement on a napkin, you only have 30 seconds to get your point across.

-Have creative confidence: just because you can’t draw, doesn’t mean you aren’t creative!

-Innovation is not a single event, it is a life long process!

-Focus THEN flare: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, test. What is your problem? Empathize with your users, define the issue, and work towards ways to fix it. Then make a prototype and test your solution to see if it works. Take time in these steps, no rush. Focus in on your work, then creatively “flare.”

-REMEMBER, IT IS BETTER AND EASIER TO RECOVER IF YOU FAIL FAST: put your ideas and solutions into work, if you fail quickly, you have a better insight to winnning next time. (better to fail fast then to fail at the final step where it might be costworthy to start over)

Something I really took from this seminar is to get out there and experience things for yourself. You need to talk to people and experience things on your own to really have an idea about what is going on. This lead me to thinking about journalism and reporting. You must physically get out there and talk to people to even have the slightest clue about what is going on. You can not understand the world behind closed doors, you must go out and live it to experience it.


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