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Digital Journalism Story 2: Reflection and Storify link!

October 18, 2012


Beach Chalet Soccer Field Story: Reflection


            Over the course of working on this story, I learned a lot about my writing and reporting skills. Although I would have liked to have done this story a little bit differently, I am overall pretty content with where my story ended up. I learned that it takes extensive investigative reporting to get both sides of an argument. I came to realize over the couple weeks of me working on this project, that half the time (if not more) people aren’t so willing to talk to you or just plain won’t get back to you.  I also learned that it takes a careful and intricate skill to write a story without having your bias opinions show through. Although my story focused specifically on the opposition of the Beach Chalet Soccer Fields, I felt that I never gave the other side of the argument a chance to explain themselves. I also found my own personal opinions on the matter showing through each quote and fact that I used.

I learned that print journalism is a lot easier of a medium to put out information and facts out to your audience. When writing for print journalism, you can give a lot of information through descriptions of actions, character, and who your source is behind quotes. When I edited my story into a radio edit narrative I found myself cutting out a lot of details. I was being both straightforward and being a little less descriptive when I read through my script, however I was being more to the point. I had fun reading through my script and trying to mimic the way news reporters read their stories on the news and local television.

I have always felt that photojournalism is a key part of good journalism and of an affective story. I truly believe in the fact that pictures should not only complement your story, but also give a story of its own. I did not get the chance to take as many photographs or video clips as I would have liked too, but I found nothing wrong in my photos. It is tricky process, trying to put picture and story hand by hand, however I find this rather fun. It feels good working hard on tying two pieces of my work together into one visually enhanced story. I learned a lot from that after seeing how well some of my classmate’s stories came together with proper visuals to accentuate the story.

This story was definitely a learning process for me. I think I took a lot from this story that will help me learn the crafts and trade of a real journalist. In doing more work that is ending up on the virtual world, I am learning which factors of important journalism are the most beneficial for an online video or radio news story. It has also been a creative process for me; I am learning different applications and tools to use that help edit and better my story. Overall this project was hard work, but the learning process that continued through it was very beneficial.


In addition, I have created a complete text and visual story on Storify! Check it out HERE!


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