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Reflection Essay: Project 3

November 8, 2012

Project 3: USF Elections

Registered and Non Registered College Students

This project went very differently than my previous projects for Digital Journalism. The project had many different aspects to it that I felt confident in. It was fun to work on a piece especially watching it evolve into each new medium. Although this project shared many of the same challenges as project 2, I applied what I learned fro previous mistakes and I think my work showed much improvement.

I was not happy with the article I put together. Although my sources and research were sufficient, I had a hard time putting together an angle. My story didn’t really go anywhere and just circled around the issues I was trying to get at. I wanted to explain in my story that there is a substantial amount of college students who are not active voters and don’t make voting a priority. However, my piece did not establish that, which is unfortunate.

I am really proud of my reporting skills. I felt that I did thorough extensive research and interviewed a variety of people. Each of my sources were fairly different and had a different situation then being a college student at the University of San Francisco. Although my audience was aimed for USF students, I thought it would be nice to open up the audience to all college students. I also felt that I had good research, however, I think I could have had a little more.

Despite my writing, I really liked how my storify piece came out. I was very active in my research and tried to curate from a large variety of news sources and social media. I think my storify improved a lot from my last project. Not only was it different, it had proper links and outside information to complement my writing. I made sure that I didn’t just copy and paste my story from my written article. Instead, I carefully deciphered through content from the web, and allowed my writing to transition from point to point. This worked very well for me and allowed my storify to flow; where in comparison to my last piece, my blocky paragraphs broke up the story.

Now that I feel confident in using storify and making digital stories, I want to work on and master radio and audio news stories. I think that broadcast and radio journalism is very interesting and it would be nice to work on that side of my journalism skills. I want to learn how to master a video broadcast that incorporates raw footage, recorded interviews, and audio recording.

Overall, I felt pretty good about where this project ended up. I was pleased with my work, despite the issues I had with my article. I felt good about the work I submitted and am looking forward to see how my work and efforts are graded. Even more so, I am anxious to start my final project, which will only improve further then my work from project 3.


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  1. What’s your final project? If in the course of doing research for DJ, you come across something that can be turned into a little feature story, you may do so for extra credit.

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